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Tong Yang – Your food, your taste, your way.

Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu & Barbecue Restaurant features the widely popular and innovative dining concept known to the Chinese as the ‘hotpot’. Otherwise known as “shabu-shabu” a rather quaint term coined by the Japanese more likely deriving it from the gurgling and swishing sound that the pot makes as it cooks a fresh medley of steaming delectable ingredients. Hotpot or shabu-shabu, however one may call it, is simply described as a pot full of boiling flavored broth or stock wherein choice ingredients of meat, seafood or vegetables are dipped to cook into it. Combined with tabletop grilling, both dining styles allow diners freedom of choice in the food they want and how they would like them to be cooked.

Redefining the concept of self-service, Tong Yang’s interactive cookery takes dining out to a whole new level. Hotpot cooking allows the diners to choose from a wide array of fresh ingredients in the buffet. They can choose to make their own shabu-shabu concoctions or share everything as it cooks in the hotpot. Likewise, barbecue roasting on the hotplate or grill can be done by adding a variety of flavors and spices to suit one’s taste. Practically everyone around the table becomes an instant chef. Delightful Tong Yang sauces complement well the dishes whether they are basted on the grilled pieces or used as dips. Cooking on the built-in table top hotpot and grill becomes a part of the enjoyable dining experience reminiscent of a campfire or an outdoor barbecue. Not to worry though about overcooking or if one doesn’t feel like cooking at all

because Tong Yang’s cheerful waiters are there to assist everyone in the cooking process.

The Tong Yang fare consists of Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes from the appetizers all the way to the more than a hundred items in the lavish buffet spread. Tasty appetizers include well-liked Japanese specialties such as sushi, sashimi and maki, Chinese Siomai & shrimp dumplings or pickled cucumber or cabbage and authentic Korean kimchi. Hotpot offerings start with a choice of soup base – chicken, sinigang, spicy sate, vegetarian, kimchi and Taiwan Mala. Meat selection of pork, beef and chicken include imported U.S. Beef, Yaki-Tori Chicken BBQ, pork neck & belly, fat beef, imported beef balls and more. Seafood bounty is a festive mélange of gindara, blue marlin, salmon belly, shrimps, crabs, clams, lapu-lapu fillet, tuna belly, spicy squid and a whole lot more. A cornucopia of both crisp and colorful market fresh vegetables is certainly irresistible to dunk in the hotpot.

Tong Yang – from humble beginnings

The first Tong Yang Restaurant opened in SM-Megamall on ______. It began as a spin-off from the already successful Mei-Lin Chinese Restaurant that the Go family started 25 years ago in Binondo. Jackson Go, then the young entrepreneur in the family, adopted the shabu-shabu concept which was already widely popular in Taiwan and combined it with table top grilling altogether. The end result: a laid back, intimate dining style which allows diners to enjoy the food in the freshest way possible. Raw ingredients are ‘harvested’ from the buffet and then after cooking, savored


steaming straight from the pot and piping hot off the grill.

From ___________up to the present, the Tong Yang Restaurant successfully expanded into a restaurant chain, initially owned and managed by the joint Filipino partnership of both restaurant entrepreneurs Jackson Go and Bobby Garcia. Subsequent branches paved the way for expansion and joint ventures with other stakeholders.

Innovations were introduced as in the Tong Yang branch in Jupiter Makati, a 28-table, 110-seater restaurant which formally opened on September 15, 2004. It is the first branch to introduce the smokeless grill with an ingeniously built-in exhaust system that vents in the smoke when cooking. The Eat&Drink All-You-Can! which started as a promo in 2010 is now regular fare in the Tong Yang branches. Monday to Friday Lunch Buffet, eat & drink all-you-can is only Php399 while Daily Dinner Buffet and Saturday-Sunday-Holiday Lunch Buffet goes for Php585 only.

Tong Yang’s top-of-mind positioning in the dining scene is to be known as a fun dining place. On the one hand, as a venue for unwinding where friends and co-workers can casually mingle after a busy day at the workplace. On the other hand, where families can enjoy a special weekend treat or celebrate fond, special moments like birthdays, anniversaries or life’s triumphs. Dining with unbridled choices and boundless epicurean possibilities is Tong Yang’s promise of a truly distinct dining experience that will make any occasion pleasurable as well as memorable.

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